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Fashion Drawings
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Wardrobe Stylist,  TV & Film Producer and Costume Designer

Do you have some prior commitment?

Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?

- Devil Wears Prada

Meet the CEO

Angelique Michelle

Angelique 2.png

Angelique Michelle, CEO of iCONiQ Style, LLC. has served as a fashion icon being recognized by Fox News, NBC News, VH1, Seventeen Magazine, HGTV and The Wendy Williams Show. She was recognized by the London Telegraph as the "IT Personal Shopper" in Miami. Upon working heavily within the fashion and entertainment industry in Miami and Los Angeles, as a stylist and personal shopper Michelle, returned to her roots of Washington D.C, to be home to her growing virtual styling and image consulting company, iCONiQ Style. The iCONiQ Style app, allows users to shop, organize, and style various clothing looks. In Maryland and Washington, D.C., Michelle continues to work within the fashion industry ranging from costume design to uniform design for the W Hotel. Michelle also has a passion for educating the youth and young adults on entrepreneurship, tech and fashion. She has created summer programs and hosts events such as pop-up shops throughout the area. 

I believe you can have anything you want in dress for it because if you stay ready, you won't have to get ready. 

- Angelique Michelle

Film Lighting


Fashion sketch



Mobile Phone Mock-ups



Retail Concepts/Pop-ups

Curate you brand and space according to your design preference.​

  • Create Mockup of design lay out 

  • Create timeline and proposal

  • Execute project 

Costume Designers Film/TV

Create a character build out by reading the script and create look for each actor.

  • Track Continuity 

  • Style or Vision Board

  • Detail tracking of clothing onset

  • Professional Team

Film/TV Production

Manage the film production, plan and coordinate by selecting the script, directing, editing  and arranging financing. Produce and supervise pre & post production & principal photography

Wardrobe Styling

Shop with a pro to update your style, create professional or trend inspired looks, or find your desired look for a special occasion

  • In office or virtual consultation

  • Shopping 3-4 hours

  • Fitting and styling

Virtual Wardrobe

Virtual styling via the iCONiQ Style App with an iCONiQ stylist 

  • Virtual consultation

  • Looks created by iCONiQ Stylist

  • View looks in "Look Book" via the app

Media Branding

Establish brand identity 

using strategies designed to meet business goals   

  • Creating website

  • Building social media following and visibility

  • Content development


Improve or develop a personal or professional image with updated fashion and clothing styles. Fashion consultations are designed to assist clients in choosing clothing and accessories for various occasions and events.

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